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Rohr Systems Inc is a 26 year-old company with a focus aimed at the Var & Reseller markets. We are Tape Drive Specialists. We are involved in the repair and refurbishment of Exabyte, Dat and DLT Drives and Libraries. Rohr is also involved in Repair and refurbishment of Fujitsu, Overland Data, Philips and Cipher Cartridge Tape Drives. Rohr also supports 9 track tape drives such as Qualstar, HP and Cipher. Rohr Systems maintains a reputable service facility offering depot service, on-site repair and maintenance contracts.

Rohr Systems Inc is a distributor of Enclosures & Cabinets. We stock Enclosures for tape & disk drives. We have the ability to make any internal SCSI cable from our in-house shop. Rohr can modify any enclosure for same day shipping.  

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